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Search engines rank content based on relevancy. The more relevant the content in the eyes of the search engine, the higher the content will rank for a given keyword.

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Our proven formula for increasing relevance starts with a comprehensive site audit. Typically, the first area of focus is within the technical aspects of your site. Once that is complete, we then start working on the content strategy. Once the content strategy is complete, then we work on increasing your site authority through a combination of link building tactics which include local listings, outreach, and social links.

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Are your store listings accurate?

AXO Digital’s local listing service will ensure that your business listings are accurate across the ecosystem of thousands of local site. Once we take over your local accounts, we put a lock on the data so that the data does not get overwritten by aggregators. When you partner with AXO Digital for local listings, we will create brand consistency by managing your location data for the following sites:

accurate store listings