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How To Approach A Web Development Project

Imagine that like yourself, I am a business owner and want to make a beautiful website with an amazing user interface. I would like this website that can play video, have parallax scrolling, is responsive, connects with all of my 3rd party services, and brings innovation to the next level.

Think of this like building a house. You can build a basic 2 bedroom house relatively quickly and without much expense. But let’s say you want 5 Bedrooms, and you want designer aesthetics, and you want a pool and you want each room pre-wired for surround sound. Details, details, and details. The more complex the website, the more planning and investment required.

It’s important to spend the time required to understand the why of the project. Are there pain points inside of your business that can be solved in the redesign? What does your audience look like? Is Desktop the minority or the majority of your audience? Does your site have heavy api requirements? These are just a few examples of the many questions that need to be asked in order to determine what success looks like.

Regardless of complexity, AXO Digital approaches all development projects with the same level of rigor and follows our HEADSTART process.

HEADSTART is a web development workflow process that ensures that no stone remains unturned.

We first start by identifying the people and the process needed for your project.

People are one of the most important elements of the project. Are your people going to want to be able to take over the development internally once the project completes? Do you have developers on staff that want to be trained to be able to serve as staff augmentation? Do you have digital marketing staff that will be updating and scheduling website content? Who is going to be in charge of business and technical requirements?

Process is also extremely important. We can approach the project as you prefer; either waterfall or agile. Agile seems to be the more popular choice as it relates to ongoing projects. In Agile, we focus our efforts on the tasks related to development for a certain set of functionality. By doing so, we are able to increase speed to market by delivering a minimum viable product earlier. On the waterfall side of things, we typically spend a lot of time up front to deliver and understand requirements for the entire project and then deliver that entire project at the end of the engagement. Whichever development process you prefer, AXO Digital will help you to deliver on time and on budget.

AXO Digital will partner with you to understand your vision for the project. More often than not, 3rd party development firms fall short as it relates to truly understanding your business vision and committing to bring that to life. If it’s not specifically detailed in the requirements chances are that you will not get what you want. As part of our HEADSTART process, we will leave no stone unturned as it relates to digesting, reiterating, and creatively conceptualizing your requirements.

AXO Digital has perfected the process of web program management. Unlike others, who accept mediocrity and allow difficulties to drive the project, AXO pushes forward and drives successful project outcomes.

When we develop web functionality, we perform rigorous integration and quality assurance testing across multiple browsers and operating systems. We know that your time is precious, and poor quality code will cause project delays and budget increases. AXO Digital spends more time upfront testing and performing code review to ensure that quality goals are exceeded.

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