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A Beginner’s Guide to Local Listings Management

A Local Listing, also known as NAP (Name, Address, Phone) data or Business Citation, is your businesses public profile which includes all of your important business information. For instance, name, location, contact information, web address, working hours, promotions,  and more. It acts as an online entranceway for customers to find your local business, and is the conduit for your business to be found across every internet directory in our digital ecosystem.

The Power of Local Listings

If you think your business doesn’t need local listings management, you need to think again. Every company, whether big or small, needs listings to drive foot traffic from the web, and customers rely on these listings to find local products and services. According to research by Google , local web searches are more probable to result in store visits and purchases within 24 hours. This research also suggests that almost 50% of smartphone users are more likely to go to the store right after they conduct a local search, whereas around 34% of users on other devices such as tablets or computers will visit a store within a day. These are your new customers that will make a purchase once they reach a store. According to Google, 18% of local searches result into transactions within a day in comparison with 7% for non-local searches.

Why Should You Have a Local Listing?

Whether you own a small company or a big business, local listings management is critical to success in today’s increasingly competitive world. Customer behavior has changed and tech savvy customers expect to be able to find products and services from local listings. Without an active presence on Google Maps and other directories, your business will not not get the visibility you need to stay competitive.

Here are 5 reasons you should definitely focus on your local listings management:

  1. Increased visibility

According to a recent local survey, around 97 percent of customers have used the internet to search for a local business. Out of this, around 12 percent of consumers search for a local business online on a daily basis. Therefore, managing your up-to-date local listing can bring in more visibility and  foot traffic to your store.

  1. Authentication

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing act as authentication sources for your company. If these internet directories can successfully match particular corporate information from a website or corporate handbook to the information they have on record, this can actually help in verifying the data, thereby, making your business and website domain more influential. Therefore, it is important for search engine optimization for a company to have reliable NAP info across the digital directory world.

  1. Enhanced performance in local search

Even though name, address and contact information are the most significant with regards to consistency, search engines and internet directories allow businesses to include an extensive range of information. Your local business can often improve their local listings with a narrative, opening/closing hours of their stores, logo, payment methods, merchandise, services, pictures, videos, coupons, and even multiple backlinks. You can also choose a number of classifications and categories depending on your business type. This additional information gives search engines an improved understanding of your organization which helps with ranking. Recognizing the different formats, categories, and customization for every distinct directory is crucial to the company’s performance in local search.

  1. Higher search engine placement

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing rank the most authoritative companies first. After all, their objective is to provide the most relevant results for your search query. Publishing your local business information along with maintaining up-to-date information is consequently significant to attain higher rankings. Local listing directories also help to validate your local company information and link back to your official webpage. Through these organic and reliable backlinks, a company can improve its search engine ranking position for local searches.

  1. Consistent information

You want your customers to be able to find your business, right? Maintaining accuracy across all local sites helps your customers to get accurate driving directions, operating hours, phone numbers, etc. If you do not get your listings verified, then listings sites will rely on data aggregators to get up to date information. Most of the time, these aggregators provide inconsistent data to the directory sites. When you partner with AXO digital, we will help you to get your listings verified and locked through our “SMARTLOCK” service. This will insure that the accurate information the we feed over to the hundreds of directory sites does not end up getting overwritten by data aggregators.

Local listings management is your gateway to receiving more foot traffic, local leads, and ultimately more local customers. Partner with AXO Digital today and put your pin on the map.

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